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Meme: Letters from Shinryu

 ...Memes can count as a fanwork right?

This was an entry for In-character meme on FF_Minigames, my third since I had too much fun making them. That game's over so I figured I might share it here instead.

Team Dragoon
Characters/Pairings: Shinryu
Prompts used: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10-12, 15, 17, 19

Dear Warrior of Light Siegfried:

You will not win. I will make sure of that. Even in this prison, with what powers that are available to me, I will not stop until I have taken all you hold dear and broken you utterly. 

Dear Shantotto:

Well played. However, some would call your stratagem 'running away.'

Dear Bahamut:

Your caves are most spacious and vast. Your hoard is mine now, by the way.

Dear Cid Lufaine:

Enjoy your new corporeal form.

Dear (Past) Me:

Sealing up those aspects was probably the best plan regarding Cosmos and Chaos.

Dear (Future) Me: 

Be wary of the gods you made. Even tools can turn on their wielder.

Dear Bartandelus:

Your L'cie remembers his name. If you know what's good for you you'll fix that.

Dear Marilith:

Your scales are so lustruous and are most becoming on you. Your skin contrasts with your hair in a way that is most attractive. If you ever tire of the company of your cohorts, I would have no objections in showing you the size of my...hoard.

Dear Kraken:

I'm collecting on that favor you owe me. That L'cie toy of Bartandelus is a formidable opponent and a font of courage for the Warrior of Light. Break her...however you see fit.

Dear Lightning Claire: 

To defy your master is to defy me. Holding such sway over him...You will regret this.

[Notes: A lot of this is based off of a DDFF rp me and Railenthe are doing while other parts are lifted from the game. While the bit with Marilith does have some basis in the rp as well, the idea of Shinryu/Marilith is very much crack. The mention of Shantotto is a reference to her DLC in the Japanese version, where she pretty much finds a way to escape the cycles. Also, the prompts aren't in order, and there's obvious mentions of WoL/Lightning.]
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This was great! ♥
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9 Points to Team Dragoon!

~Yep, memes can count for fan-works--especially when they're written in-character. :D I went with the usual fan fiction / fan essay point system for this piece (1 point for every 25 words, which was 9.24 for the 231 words in this piece). :D

~Your meme responses were a wonderful read and quite creative! ♥