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Some random pics! (Various FFs)

Still desperate for points so now to contribute some... 'art' I guess?

So these are a few experiments I made whilst trying out a different coloring technique. As a result there's not really anything going on in them but they are still capable of earning points so I thought I may as well post them. ^^;;

Username: I'm Brian! I'm Brian! I'm Brian and so is my wife! kuro_pantsu
Class: Thief
Medium: Pencil line art/digital color
Categories: [clean lineart], [flat color]
Background category: none
Description: two chibis - one of a dancer!Moogle and one of Kazusa Futahito from Type-0
Rating/warnings: Warnings for Kazusa I guess?

Username: kuro_pantsu
Class: Still a thief...
Medium: Pencil line art/digital color
Categories: [clean lineart], [some shading]
Background category: detailed
Description: torso of Kuja posing with a holy orb because...um...I dunno I just love drawing pictures of Kuja posing I guess
Rating/warnings: Purple?

Apparently in my eyes dancer garb = a certain infamous shirt Bartz is known to wear. The tutu is just to hammer it in.

I won't lie - I really love Kazusa. I mean I initially liked him because of his seiyuu but then I found out he was this sort of character that I adore but never expect to get so yeah... ended up fangirling him pretty hard. The moment I found out about his err...hobby and err...his obsession I...well, there was no going back for me. (Such a shame SE won't release the English version of this game because I really wanna write/draw more stuff featuring him!)

...I don't know how many Kuja pictures I've drawn anymore but this was kind of a quick one - I was sort of aiming for an Amano edge but not quite so he's less rounded than how I usually draw him. (Also I can't believe how much of a stick I drew him as. *facepalm* Usually I draw him based more on Nomura's redesign which is quite skinny but this is uh...yeah, he needs to eat a good 500 meals or so.)

Um, these aren't really all that impressive but I do have an art stall at the bazaar if anyone's interested. *cough*
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Awesome art! XD
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Your art is really amazing! ♥ :D