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FF Exchange Sign-ups

Hey guys, the sign-ups for FF Exchange just opened up, and will be open until next Friday. I'm participating this year (trying to find more excuses to do FF fanart), so if it's something you'd be interested in, come join meeeee!


Finished gifts are due May 19. Even though I think this exchange has its challenges (i.e. Final Fantasy is a mega-fandom, and people will not only request obscure games, but also will request obscure characters/pairings, and have sort of special-interest prompts -- which makes both matching and filling extremely tough!), it's also the most professional and organized fanworks exchange I've ever seen, and also really open to media aside from fic.

I'm planning on signing up to give art (since I think that increases my chances to be able to fill things). Just need to figure out a fourth prompt that I want as much as my other three... Halp.
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Good luck to everyone who takes part! (I'll have to pass this year but I hope they've made it a bit easier for those submitting fan art!)