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Moogle Workshop posting rules/guide

Welcome to the social and fanworks community of [community profile] finalfantasyland! Here you'll find posting rules.

Some helpful posts: Fanwork headers; Point system

General Posting Rules

1. Allowed content: In this community, you may post anything you think that the community as a whole might be interested in, which includes Final Fantasy-related news items, community promos, fanfiction/art recs, game/character discussions, and so on. Many Final Fantasy fans are also fans of other game series, so don't feel like you can ONLY talk about Final Fantasy here -- you can talk about other interests, hobbies, and getting-to-know-you type topics. But do keep in mind that the content in this comm should be general interest.

2. Put large images and long content behind a cut. This particularly applies when you're posting fanworks.

3. Be welcoming towards others. Don't make jokes or use language that makes people feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, or alienated. It's okay if you honestly don't realize you're saying anything alienating, but if it's pointed out to you, kindly apologize and make it right.

4. Similarly, no character/pairing/game bashing. Everyone has different opinions; a character/pairing/game you hate may have its own set of fans in the comm, so be respectful and don't go on long-winded rants about how no one in their right mind would like that piece of trash, etc. etc.

5. If there is objectionable/NSFW content in your post, please put it under a cut and place a warning outside the cut. You may also want to consider setting an age restriction on the post.

6. Be respectful of other people's works when commenting. Don't bash or criticize unless you know the person is okay with some constructive criticism.

Fanwork Posting Rules

The other important part of [community profile] moogle_workshop is that you can post fanworks you've made recently in order to get points for your team. This is a major way of getting points outside of the activities at [community profile] ultima_arena. Special rules apply:

1. Put all fanwork behind a cut. You may post previews, but not the full image/icon batch/fic outside of the cut.

2. To help the mods identify what works need to be given points, please
(1) include the appropriate header at the top of your post, and
(2) tag your post with the appropriate !needs points tag.

3. What is eligible for points:
  • Types of eligible fanworks: fiction (prose and poetry), art, graphics (icons, edits, wallpapers, banners, gifs, etc.), fanmixes, fanvids, crafts, cosplay, organized essays (500+ words with a thesis/main point)... We basically accept any type of fanwork you can think of.
  • Eligible fandoms: Anything on this list.
  • Fanworks you made for a different community (e.g. icons you made for an outside icontest, a fic you wrote for an exchange somewhere else, etc. are allowed.
  • Crossposts of fanworks made for [community profile] ultima_arena activities. Note: they are only eligible for the point difference between what they would have earned here and what they did earn in [community profile] ultima_arena, which is often (but not always) zero points. Posts that potentially may earn extra points should be tagged with !needs points: ua crosspost.

4. Fanworks that may be shared here but are not eligible for points:
  • Fanworks made before you joined this community. (Only not given points because someone might have years and years of fanworks built up. With ongoing multi-chapter fanfiction, points will only be awarded for chapters posted after the author has joined [community profile] finalfantasyland.)
  • Fanworks focusing on original characters (OCs).
  • Crossover fanworks between FF and other fandoms that focus entirely on non-FF characters (crossovers that feature FF characters prominently, though, will be given points).
  • Graphics that make use of uncredited fanart (simply crediting a big art site such as Pixiv or DeviantArt does not count as credit).
  • Fanworks that are only applicable to a single person, like personalized tag banners.

Kingdom Hearts characters count as FF characters for the purposes of this comm, so you would get points for Kairi fanart, but would not get points for Donald and Goofy in their KH universe clothing. There are a lot of grey areas when it comes to crossovers, so if you're not sure, just comment here or PM a mod.

5. Works of all ratings are allowed here but, as mentioned above, you must warn for anything objectionable at the beginning of your post, outside of the cut.

6. Fake cuts to your journal are allowed as long as the entry is not access-restricted. Fanworks posted WITHIN [community profile] moogle_workshop, however, can be members-locked if you so choose.

7. Point system: Covered in more detail in these guides.

Let us know here if you have any questions!