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Fanworks point system

This post details the systems we have in place for awarding points for fanworks posted to [community profile] moogle_workshop. In addition, this post also explains the reasoning behind the point system and how to suggest changes to it.

Point system for [community profile] moogle_workshop fanworks:

Icons & Graphics:
  • Icons = 2 points per icon
  • Bases (icons that are just cropped pictures) = 1 point per base
  • Complex Icons = 3 points per icon
    e.g. icons that are animated or required a significant amount of work outside of coloring
  • Wallpaper (simple) = 5 points
    e.g. a picture placed on a wallpaper-sized canvas with some work done to the coloring or simple text added
  • Wallpaper (medium) = 10 points
    e.g. multiple images used, use of a texture or effect, some composition work, thought given to text layout
  • Wallpaper (complex) = 15 points
    e.g. a wallpaper involving lots of compositional work, blending, use of textures, effects done with text, etc.
  • Other graphic that's smaller than a wallpaper but larger than an icon = 3 points
  • Variations/alts of another graphic* = 1 points
    For example: If you made an icon with text and then a textless version, or a black & white version of a color icon, you'd get 3 points -- 2 for the icon and 1 for the variation. If you made a medium wallpaper of two sizes you'd get 11 points.

  • Fanfiction = 1 point per 25 words of fanfiction = 4 points per 100 words
  • Drabbles = +2 points = 6 points per drabble
  • Poetry = 1 point per 5 words

See this post.

  • Covers = 3 points each
  • Songs = 1 point per song in mix
  • Other graphics included = given points like icons

Base system:
  • Clips = 1 point per clip
  • Effects = x1, x1.5, x2 depending on how much work has gone into altering clips, adding special transitions, etc.
  • Music Lyric/Image Match-up = x1, x1.5, x2 depending on how closely clips chosen match music / how the music is interpreted by the clips chosen
  • Lip Synching = x1, x2, x3 depending on how much work has been put into choosing clips that seem to follow the audio closely

Picspams, Fancomics, Miscellaneous Crafts:
Case-by-case point system at this time.

* What counts as a variation/alt? I think something is a variation if:
1) It uses the same coloring on the same image, with a different crop, or
2) The image & crop are exactly the same but the coloring or effects change, or
3) The only difference is the presence or absence of text

I don't consider it a variation if:
1) It uses the same coloring on a different image (because different images have different colors, it's hard for me to detect if the coloring effects are exactly the same, so I just treat them as separate icons)
2) Both the coloring/effects and the crop change

Explanation of point system:

Some important notes to make about this fanworks point system:

It is a different way of earning points than the system in [community profile] ultima_arena. One of the key differences is that you're (theoretically) able to earn an infinite amount of points here -- depending on how prolific you are -- which makes having a robust point system in [community profile] moogle_workshop very important. In particular, these are the things we keep in mind when deciding on a point system:

(1) First and most importantly, the system should not be able to be abused to get easy points. This means that (ideally) there's no particular fanwork that people are able to crank out in order to get a large amount of points for relatively little effort. There are tradeoffs between this and the next two qualities; this consideration trumps both of the others.

(2) The system should be simple enough for tallying. This means that a good point system is preferably systematic and rote, and shouldn't require too many judgment calls on the part of the tallier, because then it's more time-consuming and taxing on those volunteers.

(3) Under the system, More Effort → More Points, where possible. This means that a good point system encourages people to put extra effort into fanworks by rewarding extra effort with more points. Note, however, that it's effort, not quality, that yields more points. Rewarding quality is more the domain of [community profile] ultima_arena contests.

In general, because of (1) and (3), the MWS scales tend to be based around the notion of "minimal amount of effort required" -- we try to tier fanworks into levels where the minimum amount of work at each level is higher than the minimum amount of effort needed to make the previous level. Also note that (2) and (3) conflict, so while it would be great to take into account many factors that would cause the minimum amount of effort to go up or down, we have to ignore many of them in order to make tallying possible for the mods.

It's our belief that there's no One True Scale, nor is there a way to make everyone happy with these fanwork scales, but that we can certainly make our system better. If you notice an issue or have a suggestion regarding the point system, let us know! Urgent or game-breaking issues may be voted on in the middle of a cycle, but otherwise, we generally wait until between-cycle feedback to discuss/make changes to the point system.