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De-anon: 5Ws Fic

I found this sitting in my pile of FFLAND stuff, and realized I never de-anon-ed it. It's all over the place, but I was amused by my own notes at the bottom of the page

Name: [personal profile] lightofeilia
Class: Monk
Title: Transition
Summary: Uh, it's been so long, but this was done for the 5WS fic (Why, What, Who, When ,... something). It's the tale of Ultimecia's ascension and DEATH
Characters/Pairings: Ultimecia

Succession of Witches

i. the extreme (Why)


That is the thought that forms in her mind; as she carelessly summoned Meteor. It took several minutes before she realized that she was bored.

[These disgusting locusts... I do not even feel pleasure in snuffing out their lives anymore.]

It was over all too soon. White-uniformed soldiers, some barely of age; all sent to die at her hands.

[How foolish... they believe they can defeat me.

One destined to be a god...]

[But... How does one become omnipotent?]

An ominous bong reverberated across the battlefield. Surveying the area, Ultimecia turned to gaze at her magnificent stronghold where the sound was coming from, and the answer came to her.

[By ruling time and space... one rules everything.]

ii. the castle (Where)

The decision to put the machine in the clock tower was perhaps not one of the best decisions.

As it was, however, a minor inconvenience at worst, the machine remained there. One consolation could be found by the fact that the clock tower was nearest to her chambers.

[Though no one has ever managed to enter the castle, precautions should be made at least.]

She summoned one of her strongest minions; a GF subdued under her power.

[Tiamat], she purred, as the form of the GF solidified into existence. The dragon's wings flapped in acknowledgement.

[Guard this area. Kill all but me who enter.]

[Darkflare], Tiamat responded.

She paused, slightly amused at the GF's affirmation, and climbed into the Junction Machine Ellone she recently "procured". Activating it with her power, she eagerly sent her consciousness as far back as she could go, into the mind of an unworthy sorceress.

After discreetly noting the time, Ultimecia retreated back to her own mind in dismay.

[I need to go further.

I need to find the original source of this power in order for time compression to work.]

iii. the stage is set (When)

It was exhausting, sending her consciousness into lesser beings in order to find the mere existence of Ellone.

[Is there no one in time that has a mind worthy of possession?]

As if the machine had heard her, her consciousness snapped into the mind of another sorceress. She reached out with her power, feeling a familiar tang of something but not knowing what it is.

[Who are you?] She commanded.

"I am Edea Kramer."


Ultimecia ignored the second voice; high-pitched and childish. She pushed the boy out of the room and proceeded to look for information regarding this time period.

Quickly noting that she was on a boat, she began rummaging through letters from someone named Cid, this puppet's beloved, she caught a glimpse of the words "SeeD" and "Galbadia".

Filing this information away in her mind, she continued to search, finding old newspaper clippings and magazines from Timber Maniacs.


Ripping the page, she began to plot. Ellone should be a teenaged girl by now, judging by the dates...

[First, I need an army... in order to start this manhunt. A visit to Deling City, then...]

iv. the successor (What)

[I... can't... disappear yet.]

Every breath was painful, every step agonizing. Her body had already expired. Only magic was keeping her from dying in peace.

[If it didn't hurt so much.. I would keep going like this.]

Around her, everything started to disintegrate.



She reached out blindly with her power, grasping wildly.

[There... there it is. I can feel it.]

“Stand back, Matron.”

“It's ok. There's no more need to fight. She's just looking for someone to pass her powers onto.”

“I... can't... disappear yet.”


“I don't want one of the children to become one. I will take her powers...”

[So, it's you... after all...]

She let go.

v. the loser (Who)

The screams were deafening.

Rather coldly, she thought that if she were a sorceress in that position, she would've used magic to free herself.

Sorceresses were rare, these days. Much of what she had learnt seemed to be vague and uninspiring propaganda against them. Privately, she thought, it would be nice to have that much power at your fingertips.

How they found this one, she never knew. This was the first time she had seen the execution and torture or a sorceress.

The screams died.

Magic snapped into her veins, causing her to lose her balance momentarily. Falling to her knees, she heard the rising panic in the voices surrounding her.

“What's going on?”

“Did you see that?”

“Something came out of that... and went into her.”

“It must be the sorceress power!”

She stood up calmly.

”... K... Kill her!”

She cast a wave of Firaga, delighted at the amount of shivery, tingling pleasure she was feeling. Her gaze strayed to the dead sorceress.

[I will not be like you, fool.]

[I, Ultimecia, will become a god.]

- yes, I used song titles for the titles of these things lol.
- yes, I know GFs can speak. Well, some of them anyway. TIAMAT'S JUST BEEN TOO CORRUPTED OKAY? XD All he ever says now is Darkflare. On the occasion that he's not spelling it, that is.
- [I need to go further.] -> when I wrote this, all I could think of was “WE NEED TO GO DEEPER.” Oh, inception.
- According to ... sources, Edea's possession began 12 years after the completion of Balamb Garden, when Edea was on her White SeeD ship. Ellone was right under her nose, but Ultimecia needed an army to find Ellone (the easiest way, probably). That's why she became “ambassador” to Deling.”
- As for the “familiarity” of Edea, it's because Ultimecia herself passed her powers onto Edea thirteen years before the game.
- in my head, Ultimecia says COME AT ME BRO
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in my head, Ultimecia says COME AT ME BRO
~Haha, and now I will think that too! :D

I really loved this fic when I read it for the 5Ws Contest...your interpretation of the FFVIII universe and its characters fills me with awe, and I really like your portrayal of the Sorceresses and Ultimecia: there's a lot with both plot-lines that aren't explored in the game itself, so gamers have to infer and try to figure out the mysteries on their own--and your take on them really blows me away and is quite creative. The last couple of lines from Ultimecia...VERY fitting with how I've always interpreted her character, and they end the fic on a really, REALLY excellent note! ♥