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Green art; FF Exchange art+fic

Username: [personal profile] chacusha
Class: Neutral/Black Mage
Medium: Digital
Categories: Rough lineart; lots of shading
Background category: basic
Description: Just a portrait of Sazh, sort of done for the previous UA art contest.

Inspired by the green prompt. When thinking about people with a green color scheme, I thought of Sazh and was like, "Yes! An excuse to draw Sazh!" Guy needs more love.

Sazh green (FFXIII fanart) by chacusha on deviantART

Title: Bonds of Family
Summary: Short snapshots (art and fic) of Sabin and Vargas's relationship spanning from age 8 to age 27. Done for DOINK! FF Exchange 2014
Characters/Pairings: Sabin, Vargas (platonic), with a smidge of Duncan
Word count: 1482

For the art:
Medium: Digital
Categories: clean lineart; medium shading?
Background category: none x2; sketch x2

( Fake cut to AO3 )

Not sure this really needs points, just wanted to share!

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