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{Fan Fic} Lenne

Username: Breyzy (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: Warrior
Title: Lenne
Summary: A series of connected drabbles that serve as Lenne character introspection.
Characters/Pairings: Lenne is central character, but Shuyin also shows up because of Shuyin x Lenne pairing.
Word count: 600 (6 individual drabbles with 100 words each)
Rating/warnings: G - PG. SPOILER WARNING for what happens to Shuyin and Lenne during their past in Final Fantasy X-2.
Legal Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy X-2 or any FFX-2 characters! They are the rightful property of Square-Enix.

I. "Lenne"

She had always been on edge. No one had ever really understood why.

As a child, she always found the idea of staying in one place unnerving. The concept was entirely strange and foreign to her.

It was appalling. It was terrifying.

A total nightmare.

She could never understand why people did not want to be on the move.

She could not fathom why they were comfortable in just one place for years at a time.

She just could not comprehend how they could feel such fondness for a place.

It was dangerous, she believed, to be attached to something.

II. "Zanarkand"

It was difficult, she admitted, changing her ways.

Forming a totally different opinion after having believed something else to be true for so long was not easy.

It was such a very complicated thing to do, trying to think differently.

It was hard breaking her old habits.

She would have said it was impossible when she was younger. Would have said that people do not change their minds.

However, she was stubborn and she had finally found something she enjoyed.

She had found something she was willing to stay for.

She had found a place she wanted to call home.

III. "Shuyin"

He was not what she had been expecting: blonde hair, tan skin, hard eyes with lips that always scowled.

A blitzball player.

She would drift towards his brightness. He shined so much compared to the others.

When he listened to her singing, it felt like he was the only one in the audience.

The first time he smiled, she laughed.

When he asked what was funny, she said it was nothing.

When he pestered her again, she said she was just surprised his face did not break from the expression.

He laughed.

She was startled by how nice it sounded.

IV. "Singing"

She liked to pretend during those days.

She pretended that the soldiers were not there. That they were not always constantly visible in the background.

She pretended that they were just part of the scenery. She liked to imagine that they were just objects blending into the corners of her vision.

She acted like their weapons were just too difficult to comprehend.

She’d pretend that she was just singing her songs to him.

By lying to herself, she felt safe. She felt protected.

As long as he was happy, she wanted to stay.

His eyes had been so gentle then.

V. "Running"

They were running.

She wasn’t sure where to.

It was difficult for her to gauge the distance. Things they past all blurred together.

Her eyes locked on to his back.

She watched his determined pace and felt sadness.


It was hard, knowing what would happen next.

He had tried. He really had.

She was not sure if he could accept what was to come.

She knew though. Knew that there was no way to run from the inevitable.

The anxiety she felt growing up had returned suddenly.

She knew why she felt it.

Understood now what it was for.

VI. "Eyes"

The pain erupted quickly.

She fell to the floor, staring at his face corrupted by failure.

He hadn’t smiled in so long.

She had wanted to say it was all right, that she understood.

So many things to say, but no words would come.

A flicker of a dream.

A place and a person she had wanted to call home.

Perhaps that was all her life was: simply a reflection in his vision.

It was dangerous to stay in one place, she thought.

Her eyes found his.

Dangerous? Yes.

But, even in this moment, she believed it was worth it.

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