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Username: Breyzy (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: Warrior
Title: Regret
Summary: A Gabranth character introspection fic. De-anon from the Villain Fic Challenge.
Characters/Pairings: No pairings. Gabranth is central character. Makes mentions of or allusions to Basch and Larsa.
Word count: 605
Rating/warnings: PG. SPOILER WARNING for what happens to Gabranth at the end of Final Fantasy XII.
Legal Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy XII or any FFXII characters! They are the rightful property of Square-Enix.

He wanted to say he never had a choice. )
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Username: [ profile] deadcellredux & [ profile] sai_salamander (co-authored!)
Class: Monk & Thief, respectively
Title: Five Moments of Desire (alternate title: DCR AND SAI'S FANSERVICE EXTRAVAGANZA)
Summary: There is something Ashe wants (this is a "Five Things" fic... uh, sort of)
Characters/Pairings: Ashe/Basch/Vossler, Al-Cid Margrace, Al-Cid's maid
Word count: 8,208 (probably a bit off)
Rating/warnings: NSFW! Explicit M/M and M/M/F, underage depending on where you live (we figure Ashe to be about 15-16 here), chivalry kink, clothing kink, TRASHY HISTORICAL ROMANCE NOVEL KINK, Rasler-what-Rasler (no really-- he doesn't exist in THIS tale), and lots of fan service.

So Sai and I got paired up for the gift exchange, but we decided to collaborate instead! We had so much fun writing this fic, and It is our sincerest hope that some fun will come from reading it! No, really-- that's what we were going for (and fan service *cough*). The collaboration was an awesome process. Many brofists were had. Sai is in bed right now, being on another continent and all, but everyone should know how awesome she is!

I think we caught all the typos and grammar things and whatnot.

Enjoy XD

Five Moments of Desire )

Also: I guess we'll be needing an "Ashe/Basch/Vossler" tag XD
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Username: [ profile] sai_salamander
Team: Thief
# of icons: 24

As a precurser, 10 of these icons are for my lovely exchange partner #1, [ profile] deadcellredux with only an apology that they aren't that amazing! I HOPE YOU LIKE THEM ANYWAY, MY DARLING.

[I couldnae find the tag for exchange stuff! argh!]

exchange icons )

aaand the rest (+ some alternates) )

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Username: [info]northstarroad
Team: White Mage
Title: "Lament for a Son of Dalmasca" (or "How to Mourn a Traitor")
Summary: Ashe cannot forget his face, he who sold her for peace.
Characters/Pairings: Ashe, Basch, Vossler (subtle to non-existant Ashe/Vossler, Ashe/Basch)
Word Count: 1689
Rating/Warnings: PG; Canon character death.  Set during game events; spoiler warning for up to and including events of Raithwall's Tomb and the fate of the Dreadnought Leviathan.

Lament for a Son of Dalmasca )
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Username: [ profile] deadcellredux
Class: Monk
Title: A bunch of three-sentence AUs!
Summary: All of these were written in response to numerous LJ users for a 3-sentence AU fic meme.
Characters: Guh... Anna, Ashe, Auron, Balthier, Basch, Celes, Cid, Cyan, Edgar, Edward, Fran, Jecht, Kain, Locke, Rasler, Reno, Rude, Rydia, Sephiroth, Selphie, Setzer, Squall, Tseng, Vossler, Yuffie
Word count: Less than 2,100
Rating/warnings: Ratings go up to R, I think. Nothing explicit.

(Three Sentence AU fic dump)

(Okay-- I'm not sure how to post this because it's a bit bizarre in nature, but since the vast majority of these include FF characters/settings I figured I'd post it. This is a tag nightmare and generally discombobulated; I'm really posting it because I just want people to laugh at the ridiculousness and enjoy it-- sorry if I've submitted a monster in terms of tallying gil/points/whatever)
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Username: Breyzy (of [ profile] breyzyyin)
Class: Soldier
Title: Brothers
Summary: A Five Things Fic. Gabranth's thoughts on himself, Basch, and other characters as he reflects on events before, during, and right up to the ending of Final Fantasy XII. ...My sister, Yin, wanted me to post it here. XD
Characters/Pairings: Gabranth, Basch, Larsa. Mentions of Reks, Vayne, Drace, and a few of the other FFXII characters. If you squint, you *might* be able to interpret it as Gabranth/Drace...but, I sort of left that open to interpretation on purpose. ♥
Word count: 2,500
Rating/warnings: PG/PG-13. Nothing major, but there's a couple character deaths in there which all happen in the spoilers for FFXII if you haven't played it yet.
Legal Discalimer: I do not own FFXII or any FFXII characters! They are the rightful property of Square-Enix.

He was not like Basch. )
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Username: [ profile] naliarenegade 
Class: Black Mage
Total Word Count: 750

Title: A Knight's Folly
Fandom: FFXII
Characters: Vossler, Basch, Ashe
Word Count:
Rating: PG
The look you gave me cut deeper than any other wound. ) 

Mud Puddles
Fandom: FFXIII
Characters: Vanille, Dajh, Sazh
Word Count: 150
Rating: PG
Her smile always puts you in a good mood... )

Walking the High Wire
Fandom: FFXIII
Characters: Snow, Fang, Serah
Word Count: 200
Rating: G
Fighting side-by-side and back-to-back )

Grieving For You
Fandom: FFVII
Characters: Yuffie, Aeris, Vincent
Word Count: 250
Rating: PG-13 (Language)
This isn't funny. )


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