Wednesday March 9, 2011 @ 11:57 pm
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Username: Yin (of [ profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Title: Maybe Not The Best Distraction
Notes: A fic written for the Fic Prompt Party over at [ profile] ff_minigames. The prompt was "Kain/Any FFIV character other than Cecil or Rosa: The second character trying to get Kain's mind off of the whole Rosa issue. Can be shippy or not." from [ profile] the_404_error. Ended up somehow evolving into a fic with Kain and two other FFIV characters later on.
Summary: When the party goes back to King Giott's castle to check on a recuperating Cid, Kain ends up getting into a conversation with the airship engineer about how he's still thinking about Rosa. Edge overhears this and decides to step into the conversation, and both him and Cid attempt to give Kain advice on how to get past his feelings for Rosa. Their advice ends up falling more into the "not-so-helpful-for-Kain" realm and chaos later on ensues, though it still has the desired effect at least for a little while.
Characters/Pairings: No pairings, other than implied Cecil x Rosa at certain points. Kain, Cid, and Edge are the main focus of the fic with some mentions of other FFIV characters at times.
Word count: 2,101
Rating/warnings: G, mostly.

...It was fairly obvious that neither Cid nor Edge were the best relationship advice-givers out there. )


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