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Class: White Mage
Fandom: Final Fantasy Tactics
Title: Remnants
Summary: Some time after the events of Final Fantasy Tactics, Delita encounters Agrias at a spot that has some very significant meaning for both of them...
Characters/Pairings: Delita and Agrias are the two main focuses of the fic, though Alicia and Lavian also show up in it later on. Ovelia is mentioned quite heavily too. Ramza, Simon Penn-Lachish, and Besrudio Bunansa are also mentioned.
Word count: 3,222
Rating/warnings: Alludes to an additional scene added to the FFT PSP port of the game, and contains some pretty big spoilers for the ending of Final Fantasy Tactics overall. Rating...um, maybe PG due to the fight scene? *is unsure*

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