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Username: [personal profile] glacialphoenix
Class: Black Mage
Title: Untitled
Summary: A couple of very short pieces on Chaos-side, as per request. Chaos!Cecil; Chaos!WoL, and Kuja, because Toffee likes Kuja, isn't it positively shocking?
Characters/Pairings: Chaos!Cecil; Chaos!WoL; Kuja
Word count: 235 (two drabbles, and one much shorter piece)
Rating/warnings: None.

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Wednesday August 10, 2011 @ 7:53 am
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Class: Black Mage
Title: under the light of the moon
Summary: For [ profile] the_404_error's MWS-wide gil request: "In most versions of FFIV, Yang, Edward, Palom, and Porom are left behind together while Cecil and co. go to the moon. Question is, while they're off saving the world, surely the others aren't praying the whole time? Since they are rarely seen interacting with each other in the game, here's a fic question for everyone: What are those four doing while stuck there?"
Characters/Pairings: Edward, Palom, Porom, Yang
Word count: 400 in 4 drabbles
Rating/warnings: None!

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Saturday July 23, 2011 @ 11:39 pm
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Username: [ profile] virago_queen
Class: Black Mage
Title: Flicker | Promised Eternity | Eyes on Me | Summoner's Love | Materia Junkie
Summary: Five songs, five pairings, five drabbles.
Characters/Pairings: Vincent/Lucrecia, Fang/Vanille, Julia/Laguna, Shuyin/Lenne, Yuffie/materia
Word count: 500 (100 x 5)
Rating/warnings: G? Spoilers for the end of FFXIII in the second drabble.

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Wednesday July 20, 2011 @ 2:46 pm
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Username: [ profile] deadcellredux
Class: Monk
Title: Fiction and Memory
Summary/Author's Note: Double drabble. When Laguna Loire, Monster Hunter of Winhill, settles down for the evening, it’s not Marlboros and wayward Cactuars he studies.
Characters: Laguna, Raine, Ellone
Word count: 200
Rating/warnings: G

Read it at my LJ: Fiction and Memory
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Username: [ profile] arivess
Class: Thief

Title: Kings
Summary: It started with a coin toss. Sabin wouldn't let his brother cheat. More specifically: if Sabin were king.
Characters/Pairings: Edgar, Sabin
Word count: 965
Rating/warnings: None really... Everything technically takes place before the game, in an alternate timeline? Small spoiler for how Edgar became king?
Notes: Written for last week's workshop. Also, kinda sucks. My writing got horribly inconsistent. Ah well.

It started with a coin )

Title: Crowned
Summary: People don't act the way you imagine. Reality is pretty mean to your expectations. Uh, less abstractedly: Kain, Rosa, and Cecil go on a picnic. Or something.
Characters/Pairings: Kain/Rosa/Cecil
Word count: 3 sections of 100 word each
Rating/warnings: None...?
Notes: Somehow, I feel like this influx of FF4 is Mysti's fault. And maybe chat in general.

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