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I wrote this a few days before E3 for nothing other than the lulz and debated over whether to post it or not given that it was more a satire about the production of VersusXIII rather than a legitimate crackfic set in Versus XIII. But since it's still technically capable of qualifying for points (to my knowledge at least - it follows Noctis and is set in VersusXIII's world so that should count, right?) and I really need to earn some of we are.

Username: kuro_pantsu
Class: Thief
Title: Getting to know Noctis
Summary: Exploring the vast, complex, well-established character that is Noctis in a cracktastic light. (So in short a satire of Versus XIII's troubled production.)
Characters/Pairings: Noctis. Tetsuya Nomura (he counts as an FF character by now right?) Development Hell/Versus XIII
Word count: 835
Rating/warnings: Crack. Please do not take this as a serious view of Noctis, Versus XIII or Tetsuya Nomura. I am merely just poking a bit of fun at them (and I actually have a lot of respect for Nomura even if I don't always agree with his actions.)

Noctis does stuff. It is awesome. MAYBE. )


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