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Username: [ profile] compass_ink
Class: White Mage
Title: Making Strength
Summary: Eileen won't leave game mechanics alone Maria decides to give Prince Gordon an odd sort of help.
Characters/Pairings: Maria, Gordon, Firion
Word count:
Rating/warnings: PG for violence.

(What doesn't kill you...)
Sunday August 21, 2011 @ 8:37 pm
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Hello, everyone! Over the past few weeks, I've been working on this writing idea of mine...which is that I would write a drabble or short story focusing on a character from all of the main installment Final Fantasy games (and quite a few of the spin-off titles too). The writing style is a bit different from what I normally do, so I was a little nervous about posting them...but, I wrote as many as I felt comfortable doing and so I felt like it would be a waste not to post them (with that in mind, I apologize if they come across as OOC or just strange in general XD).

Since I don't normally write for some of these games, I think this would probably qualify for the Workshop Challenge about writing for games I don't normally write for. :) Anyways, I don't want to flood the comm with a ton of them, so I will divide them up in posts every few days. This post is for the FFI-FFVII fics. ♥

Username: Yin (of [ profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these Final Fantasy titles or their characters. They are the rightful property of Square-Enix!

Title: Impressions
Summary: Matoya's thoughts on the Warriors of Light.
Characters/Pairings: Matoya.
Word count: 100
Rating/warnings: G.

She would never admit it to them... )


Title: Changed Perceptions
Summary: How people's perceptions on Hilda and Gordon changed with time.
Characters/Pairings: Hilda and Gordon, with mentions of Scott and the King of Fynn. Hilda x Gordon.
Word count: 461
Rating/warnings: G. Spoilers for FFII.

When people spoke of their descendants... )


Title: Different Truths
Summary: Doga’s thoughts on Xande.
Characters/Pairings: Doga, with heavy mentions of Unei and Xande.
Word count: 420
Rating/warnings: G. Spoilers for FFIII.

It had been Xande's gift that had forced them apart... )


Title: Roles
Summary: Edward contemplates his roles in life.
Characters/Pairings: Edward. Mentions of Anna, Tellah, and Harley. Edward x Anna, Edward x Harley.
Word count: 220
Rating/warnings: G. Spoilers for FFIV and FFIV: The After Years.

His songs had inspired her... )


Title: Dragons
Summary: Lenna's thoughts on dragons.
Characters/Pairings: Lenna, Hiryu.
Word count: 166
Rating/warnings: G. Spoilers for FFV.

Her mother had loved Hiryu and saw the dragon as someone precious... )


Title: Children
Summary: Terra contemplating being around the orphans at Mobliz.
Characters/Pairings: Terra and the children.
Word count: 230
Rating/warnings: G. Spoilers for FFVI.

She had once asked a general if he thought she would ever find love... )


Title: Father
Summary: Nanaki contemplates his feelings towards his father as he prepares to tell his children about him.
Characters/Pairings: Nanaki (Red XIII), Seto, Nanaki's children.
Word count: 225
Rating/warnings: G. Spoilers for FFVII.

When he had been a very small cub, he had hated his father... )
Tuesday August 9, 2011 @ 1:47 pm
[identity profile], I had this awesome idea that I was going to give a word prompt to myself and write a short character introspective story for each of the main installment Final Fantasy games (the word prompt was "smile"). Uh, my great writing ambition seems to have drained at two stories though, lolz! O_O; Still, I decided to post those here for anyone interested in Old School Final Fantasy fics! I might try to continue this idea of mine in the future. MAYBE.

Username: Breyzy (of [ profile] breyzyyin)
Class: Soldier
Title: First Smile: Scott
Summary: Scott shares some words with his brother Gordon before leaving to defend Fynn Castle. Pre-Final Fantasy II.
Characters/Pairings: Scott and Gordon. Hilda is mentioned. Pairing-wise: minor mentions of Scott x Hilda if you squint.
Word count: 522
Rating/warnings: G.
Legal Discalimer: I do not own FFII or any FFII characters! They are the rightful property of Square-Enix.

When he looked at his brother's face, Gordon's expression was miserable...and Scott couldn't help but feel partly responsible for it. )


Username: Breyzy (of [ profile] breyzyyin)
Class: Soldier
Title: Second Smile: Aria
Summary: Aria contemplates the frozen Surface World before her journey with the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy III.
Characters/Pairings: Aria. Luneth and the other Warriors of Light mentioned (along with her caretaker).
Word count: 352
Rating/warnings: G.
Legal Discalimer: I do not own FFIII or any FFIII characters! They are the rightful property of Square-Enix.

In actuality, they were probably just as disturbed by the frozen world as she was. )
Friday July 22, 2011 @ 3:29 pm
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Two deanons from the [ profile] ultima_arena challenge, although only the first gets extra points (the second I'm just posting for easy reference):

Username: [ profile] the_404_error
Class: Black Mage
Title: The Devastated World
Summary: Hilda and Gordon take a tour of the world five years after the Empire ruined just about everything.
Characters/Pairings: Hilda, Gordon, Maria, Lelia
Word count: 1,000
Rating/warnings: PG for, er, bleakness?

Read more... )

Title: FFIV: Beginnings (FFIV in 15 Minutes)
Summary: The title is pretty self-explanatory, especially since it was for that UA challenge. ;X
Characters/Pairings: Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Rydia, Tellah, Edward. (Also briefly Cid and Anna, but I'm not sure if they should count in the tags.)
Word count: 1,235
Rating/warnings: As a general disclaimer, I love this game, which is why I'm willing to mock it. XD

Although I added a small line to this one that I realized I should have added before. )


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