Wednesday May 15, 2013 @ 7:59 pm
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We've got our first [community profile] moogle_workshop-wide request this game! It's a little long, so I'll be putting it under the cut.

Since I know we have a lot of new people this game, and as a refresher for previous members:

• You do not need to have a stall in the MWS bazaar for this;
• You may fill this prompt more than once: that is, if you have multiple fic/icon/etc. ideas that would go with this prompt, you may submit all of them.
• You will claim all relevant point bonuses for each fill you do (+25% of what your submission would be worth);
• You may only claim your share of the 500 gil pot once. In other words, the gil is given for the fact of your participation, not by how many fills you write.
Please indicate, somewhere in your submitted post, that your entry is a fill for a MWS-wide request. This will let the mods know that they should award you the bonus points for filling the request.

FANDOM: Dissidia/012: Final Fantasy, other Final Fantasies also permissible
Monday May 14, 2012 @ 4:17 pm
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Hey, guys! To kick off Game 4, and celebrate the winners of Game 3, [ profile] chacusha has made a MWS-wide request! As a reminder: for MWS-wide requests, multiple fills are allowed, and each fill is eligible for a 25% bonus instead of the usual 10%. You do not need a shop to participate.



Fanwork type: All
Games: All
Prompt: "To celebrate the Game 3 winners, I'd like to request any fanworks (fic, art, icons, etc.) that focus on both a Soldier character and a White Mage character from any game."

To clarify any questions, please click on the link and ask her there.

Prompt closes June 15th.

Go wild, guys!
Thursday July 21, 2011 @ 5:27 am
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We have our very first [ profile] moogle_workshop-wide request, courtesy of [ profile] the_404_error!

The prompt is here, with all the rest of the shops (so feel free to request fic or set up a new shop while you're there).

This request will be open for a month; anyone may submit a fill (or more) for this request. A pot of 500 gil will be split between all members who fill the request, and fills get a bonus 25% to points. Don't forget to mention that it's a request fill when you submit your fanworks!

Have fun!


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