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Class: Black Mage
Title: How Fanfic Tropes Backfired Spectacularly On One Cecil Harvey
Summary: Gift Exchange fic for [ profile] arivess, who requested a fic on Cecil invoking fanfic tropes in a bid to get both Rosa and Kain to fuss over him (read: threesome). He tried. (Sometimes with the unsolicited advice of Edge.) They generally backfired. Hence the title.
Characters/Pairings: Cecil/Rosa/Kain, mentions of Edge/Rydia, and mentions of Yang, Golbez and Fusoya.
Word count: 712
Rating/warnings: PG-13, I think.
A/N: A huge thank you to [ profile] sai_salamander and [ profile] laifan for vetting this for me, and to [ profile] zerrat for suggesting some of the cliches. (I have been saved from diving into TVTropes with two balls of yarn and a torchlight.)

...or why you shouldn't take advice from a certain popular novel. )
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Username: [ profile] zerrat
Class: Monk
Title: Childhood’s End
Summary: At the end of the conflict with Zemus, Palom realizes that somewhere along the journey, he's changed.
Characters/Pairings: Palom, Porom, Mysidian Elder. Mentions of other characters.
Word Count: 705
Warnings/Notes: Written for the moogle-workshop-wide-prompt for [ profile] the_404_error. Not particularly compliant with the After Years.

Up in the Tower of Wishes, the magic of their prayers finally died down, leaving them standing in an uncomfortable silence. )

Username: [ profile] zerrat
Class: Monk
Title: An Attempt at Tranquility
Summary: While Cecil and the others fight Zeromus, the rest of the party is left to distract themselves from the anxious wait.
Characters/Pairings: Edward, Palom, Porom, Yang.
Word Count: 739

The battle that raged above them was never far from his mind. )

Title: The Sage's Legacy
Author: [ profile] zerrat
Team: Monk
Characters/Pairings: Palom, Edward, references to Tellah.
Summary: Palom intends to follow Tellah's legacy.
Word Count: 100
Warnings/Notes: The title references both Palom's intentions to become a Sage like Tellah, and also Tellah's rather… questionable insults.

The path of a Sage is long. )
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Class: Black Mage
Title: under the light of the moon
Summary: For [ profile] the_404_error's MWS-wide gil request: "In most versions of FFIV, Yang, Edward, Palom, and Porom are left behind together while Cecil and co. go to the moon. Question is, while they're off saving the world, surely the others aren't praying the whole time? Since they are rarely seen interacting with each other in the game, here's a fic question for everyone: What are those four doing while stuck there?"
Characters/Pairings: Edward, Palom, Porom, Yang
Word count: 400 in 4 drabbles
Rating/warnings: None!

The old man snores! Like thunder! )


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