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Username: [ profile] zerrat
Class: Monk
Title: Those Left Behind
Fandom: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Summary: When Kunsel meets Cissnei in a run-down bar in the slums, he realizes that there can be no happy ending to this sorry tale. They were too late.
Characters/Pairings: Kunsel, Cissnei, Zack Fair
Word count: 689
Rating/warnings: PG/Teen, warning for canonical character death.

He stares down at his hands, wordless as Zack's life seems to slip through his fingers and into nothingness once more. Kunsel closes his hands, weary of the failure and grief and unable to bear the thought of how close they'd been.

Username: [ profile] zerrat
Class: Monk
Title: Knowledge and Power
Fandom: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Summary: Kunsel hadn't questioned his folks' deaths at the time. Later he'd reflect that perhaps that naivete was the only reason he didn't end up on the wrong side the killed-in-action emails.
Characters/Pairings: Kunsel, Zack Fair.
Word count: 932
Rating/warnings: Teen/PG

The day Kunsel made Second Class, he sent a letter back home to his folks in Junon.
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Note for Yin: Total word count across all fics: 258 (+25)

Class: Black Mage
Title: the measure of my changing love
Summary: Six word stories: five loves always steadfast, and one a delusion.
Characters/Pairings: Warrior of Light/Cosmos, Cecil/Rosa/Kain, Celes/Locke(/Rachel), Beatrix/Steiner, Tidus/Yuna, Kain/Barbariccia
Word count: 36
Rating/warnings: None.

Five loves always steadfast, and one a delusion. )

Title: that colossal wreck
Summary: Five ways someone's world can end.
Characters/Pairings: Cecil, Celes, Seymour (+2 non-FF)
Word count: 92 (for the three FF ones.)
Rating/warnings: Implied character death?

(He thinks this is salvation.)

Title: Untitled
Summary: A bunch of tiny fic I did?
Characters/Pairings: Kain/Barbariccia, Celes, Ultros, Zack, Kunsel, Tseng, Yuna/Seymour, Anima
Word count: 130 (+25 if the Ultros one counts)
Rating/warnings: None.

...all my one-sentence fic. Oh dear. )


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