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This was originally meant to be a Gil Request fill for [personal profile] nal_rene...but writer's block for how I wanted to tackle the piece, real life drama, and time constraints had me not able to complete the story until much, *much* later than when the request had been asked. So because of that, I'm waiving the gil fee for the this is just now a gift piece for a very patient and awesome member of the comm! :D

I'm so sorry for the wait, [personal profile] nal_rene, and I hope that you like the story! ♥

Username: Yin (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Title: Warmth
Summary: As requested by [personal profile] nal_rene, a story centered around Vanille and Sazh (either separately or the case of this story, I went in both directions! ♥). Essentially, it is four shorter pieces connected by a loose central theme into a larger story: two of them are prologue stories centered around both characters, the third is an interaction between the two during the course of the game, and the fourth is an epilogue piece from Sazh's point of view.
Characters/Pairings: Vanille, Sazh, Fang, Dajh, and Sazh's Wife are central focuses of the piece...though Hope, Snow, and Lightning are also mentioned too. The only pairing featured is Sazh x Sazh's Wife.
Notes: I hope I was able to do the characters justice, [personal profile] nal_rene! I had a really hard time coming up with the direction I wanted to go with the piece which is why it took so long to finish, and I tried experimenting with a different flow-of-thought-direction for the Sazh prequel piece than I'm normally used to writing...but hopefully the end result is something you'll like! I agree so much with you, I love both characters but there really isn't a lot of fan representation for either in fic form--so I hope this is an enjoyable read in that regard! :D
Word count: 4,619
Rating/warnings: G. Spoilers abound for FFXIII.

It’s like…it’s like it feels the same in a lot of ways, but it isn’t all at once. Does that…make sense to you? )


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