Thursday April 24, 2014

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I found this sitting in my pile of FFLAND stuff, and realized I never de-anon-ed it. It's all over the place, but I was amused by my own notes at the bottom of the page

Name: [personal profile] lightofeilia
Class: Monk
Title: Transition
Summary: Uh, it's been so long, but this was done for the 5WS fic (Why, What, Who, When ,... something). It's the tale of Ultimecia's ascension and DEATH
Characters/Pairings: Ultimecia

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- yes, I used song titles for the titles of these things lol.
- yes, I know GFs can speak. Well, some of them anyway. TIAMAT'S JUST BEEN TOO CORRUPTED OKAY? XD All he ever says now is Darkflare. On the occasion that he's not spelling it, that is.
- [I need to go further.] -> when I wrote this, all I could think of was “WE NEED TO GO DEEPER.” Oh, inception.
- According to ... sources, Edea's possession began 12 years after the completion of Balamb Garden, when Edea was on her White SeeD ship. Ellone was right under her nose, but Ultimecia needed an army to find Ellone (the easiest way, probably). That's why she became “ambassador” to Deling.”
- As for the “familiarity” of Edea, it's because Ultimecia herself passed her powers onto Edea thirteen years before the game.
- in my head, Ultimecia says COME AT ME BRO


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