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Username: Breyzy (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: Warrior
Title: Lenne
Summary: A series of connected drabbles that serve as Lenne character introspection.
Characters/Pairings: Lenne is central character, but Shuyin also shows up because of Shuyin x Lenne pairing.
Word count: 600 (6 individual drabbles with 100 words each)
Rating/warnings: G - PG. SPOILER WARNING for what happens to Shuyin and Lenne during their past in Final Fantasy X-2.
Legal Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy X-2 or any FFX-2 characters! They are the rightful property of Square-Enix.

She had found a place she wanted to call home. )
Thursday July 24, 2014 @ 1:48 pm
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Username: Yin (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Title: Existence
Summary: The Cloud of Darkness reflects on life. De-anon from the Villain Fic Challenge.
Characters/Pairings: No pairings. The Cloud of Darkness is the central focus of the fic.
Word Count: 390.
Rating: G.
Legal Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy III or any FFIII characters! They are the rightful property of Square-Enix.

It simply wanted Existence to return from where Existence came. )
Friday July 18, 2014 @ 11:29 am
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Username: [personal profile] mako_lies
Class: White Mage
Title: To Dust
Summary: Returning to Oerba brings up some memories.
Characters/Pairings: Fang
Word count: 428
Rating/warnings: G
In the distance, the windmills are still. )
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Username: Breyzy (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: Warrior
Title: Regret
Summary: A Gabranth character introspection fic. De-anon from the Villain Fic Challenge.
Characters/Pairings: No pairings. Gabranth is central character. Makes mentions of or allusions to Basch and Larsa.
Word count: 605
Rating/warnings: PG. SPOILER WARNING for what happens to Gabranth at the end of Final Fantasy XII.
Legal Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy XII or any FFXII characters! They are the rightful property of Square-Enix.

He wanted to say he never had a choice. )
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Username: [personal profile] mako_lies
Class: White Mage
Title: The Lucky Ones
Summary: After another hard day at Akademy, Alma comforts Tietra.
Characters/Pairings: Alma/Tietra
Word count: 713
Rating/warnings: G, but contains reference to bullying and class issues.
After dinner, Tietra retreats into the library, and Alma watches the sweep of her skirts as she flees. )
Thursday June 5, 2014 @ 3:40 pm
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Username: [personal profile] mako_lies
Class: White Mage
Title: Like a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Summary: After puberty hits, Lightning has some pretty mixed feelings about her looks.
Characters/Pairings: Lightning, Serah, Snow, Fang, Sazh, (can be read as pre-Lightning/Snow)
Word count: 2,138
Rating/warnings: T, for negative body image and a scene involving harassment.
As a preteen, her skin fits perfect. The Bodhum sun cooks her golden and lightens her hair almost white.  )
Wednesday June 4, 2014 @ 2:10 pm
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Username: [personal profile] chacusha
Class: Neutral/Black Mage
Medium: Digital
Categories: Rough lineart; lots of shading
Background category: basic
Description: Just a portrait of Sazh, sort of done for the previous UA art contest.

Sazh )

Title: Bonds of Family
Summary: Short snapshots (art and fic) of Sabin and Vargas's relationship spanning from age 8 to age 27. Done for DOINK! FF Exchange 2014
Characters/Pairings: Sabin, Vargas (platonic), with a smidge of Duncan
Word count: 1482

For the art:
Medium: Digital
Categories: clean lineart; medium shading?
Background category: none x2; sketch x2

( Fake cut to AO3 )

Not sure this really needs points, just wanted to share!
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I found this sitting in my pile of FFLAND stuff, and realized I never de-anon-ed it. It's all over the place, but I was amused by my own notes at the bottom of the page

Name: [personal profile] lightofeilia
Class: Monk
Title: Transition
Summary: Uh, it's been so long, but this was done for the 5WS fic (Why, What, Who, When ,... something). It's the tale of Ultimecia's ascension and DEATH
Characters/Pairings: Ultimecia

Read more... )

- yes, I used song titles for the titles of these things lol.
- yes, I know GFs can speak. Well, some of them anyway. TIAMAT'S JUST BEEN TOO CORRUPTED OKAY? XD All he ever says now is Darkflare. On the occasion that he's not spelling it, that is.
- [I need to go further.] -> when I wrote this, all I could think of was “WE NEED TO GO DEEPER.” Oh, inception.
- According to ... sources, Edea's possession began 12 years after the completion of Balamb Garden, when Edea was on her White SeeD ship. Ellone was right under her nose, but Ultimecia needed an army to find Ellone (the easiest way, probably). That's why she became “ambassador” to Deling.”
- As for the “familiarity” of Edea, it's because Ultimecia herself passed her powers onto Edea thirteen years before the game.
- in my head, Ultimecia says COME AT ME BRO
Wednesday June 26, 2013 @ 9:00 pm
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 ...Memes can count as a fanwork right?

This was an entry for In-character meme on FF_Minigames, my third since I had too much fun making them. That game's over so I figured I might share it here instead.

Team Dragoon
Characters/Pairings: Shinryu
Prompts used: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10-12, 15, 17, 19

Correspondence with a Dragon God )

[Notes: A lot of this is based off of a DDFF rp me and Railenthe are doing while other parts are lifted from the game. While the bit with Marilith does have some basis in the rp as well, the idea of Shinryu/Marilith is very much crack. The mention of Shantotto is a reference to her DLC in the Japanese version, where she pretty much finds a way to escape the cycles. Also, the prompts aren't in order, and there's obvious mentions of WoL/Lightning.]
Sunday June 16, 2013 @ 7:54 pm
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I wrote this a few days before E3 for nothing other than the lulz and debated over whether to post it or not given that it was more a satire about the production of VersusXIII rather than a legitimate crackfic set in Versus XIII. But since it's still technically capable of qualifying for points (to my knowledge at least - it follows Noctis and is set in VersusXIII's world so that should count, right?) and I really need to earn some of we are.

Username: kuro_pantsu
Class: Thief
Title: Getting to know Noctis
Summary: Exploring the vast, complex, well-established character that is Noctis in a cracktastic light. (So in short a satire of Versus XIII's troubled production.)
Characters/Pairings: Noctis. Tetsuya Nomura (he counts as an FF character by now right?) Development Hell/Versus XIII
Word count: 835
Rating/warnings: Crack. Please do not take this as a serious view of Noctis, Versus XIII or Tetsuya Nomura. I am merely just poking a bit of fun at them (and I actually have a lot of respect for Nomura even if I don't always agree with his actions.)

Noctis does stuff. It is awesome. MAYBE. )
Saturday June 15, 2013 @ 11:38 pm
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Username: [personal profile] glacialphoenix
Class: Black Mage
Title: Untitled
Summary: A couple of very short pieces on Chaos-side, as per request. Chaos!Cecil; Chaos!WoL, and Kuja, because Toffee likes Kuja, isn't it positively shocking?
Characters/Pairings: Chaos!Cecil; Chaos!WoL; Kuja
Word count: 235 (two drabbles, and one much shorter piece)
Rating/warnings: None.

Sanctuary burns white; burns bright. )
Saturday June 15, 2013 @ 10:02 am
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Cutting it a bit close to the deadline, but this is my fic submission for [personal profile] kuro_pantsu's MWS-wide request for fanworks primarily featuring Team Chaos members. Gabranth is the main character, and all of the other major characters are Team Chaos for Shantotto (but really, she definitely has more chaotic viewpoints than even some of the Team Chaos members do--so I think she kind of counts still, haha! XD). :D

Username: Yin (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Title: Lost Time
Summary: During one of the earlier cycles in the conflict, Gabranth encounters and ends up befriending a younger Chaos Warrior who harbors a tragic secret.
Characters/Pairings: Gabranth, Raffaello, Ultimecia, Shantotto, Garland, and a whole bunch of other characters are mentioned too. No pairings. Central focus of the story is the friendship/big-brother-little-brother bond that develops between Gabranth and Raffaello, and there is also a friendly rivalry dynamic between Gabranth and Shantotto in the final portion of the story too.
Notes: I admit, Dissidia has never been one of the FF verses I've felt completely comfortable with writing for...despite my attempts at trying to do so at least every once in awhile. XD I suppose this fic could almost be looked at as my AU take on why Gabranth starts deciding that he really no longer wants to be involved in the conflict anymore in the DLC story portions for Dissidia 012 (since so much of the earlier cycle portions aren't really mentioned heavily). I also always thought Raffaello's unique backstory would make for an excellent plot point in the Dissidia-verse (heck, Kefka even mentions him when he battles Yuna! XD)...which is probably why I got inspired to write this piece in the first place. XD I apologize that it probably doesn't fit in as much with some aspects of the Dissidia mythos...which is why I'm leaning more towards calling it slightly AU in the long run.

Also, KUDOS to the writers who come up with Shantotto's dialogue: I love her as a character, but it is HARD to come up with rhyming lines that actually make sense in conversation points. I didn't do a great job with her the first time I attempted to write her in a fic, so this time I went back through her lines after writing the story with the help of a rhyming dictionary--and I still feel like some of her dialogue might be a bit off, but I think overall it's better this time around than my previous endeavor. I can only imagine how talented and creative the FFXI writers are for always coming up with such winning phrases for the Tarutaru speech, my hat's off to them. ♥
Word count: 7,720
Rating/warnings: PG/PG-13. Death of a major character. Tragedy. Angst. ...This is actually quite a different story from my usual fare. 0_0; No real spoilers for either Dissidia games...but spoilers do abound for FFXII and Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon.

Why do you think I was trailing you in such plain view? It’s not because you’re interesting with all that moping you do! )
Tuesday May 14, 2013 @ 6:28 pm
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Username: shinkirou_hana
Class: Dragoon~

Title: meditate on meanings
Pairing: Lightning/Yuna
Words: 1253
Rating: K
Warning(s): Spoilers for both games. (X, XIII)
Summary: strength comes in many different forms.
{set in an AU sometime after FFX but before X-2}

( fake cut to my page )

Title: dischord's duologue
Fandom: Dissidia 012
Pairing: Gen.
Words: 1338
Rating: K
Warning(s): Spoilers for twelfth cycle as well as improvising details about cycles before it. Also spoilers for FFIX.
Summary: Kuja, Cloud, and candid conversations. Or something like that, anyway.

Coincidentally, this ended up being for [personal profile] kuro_pantsu's prompt. :)

( and fake cut #2 )

Both are from this most recent round of DOINK!, so they're new works created during this game, even if not directly for the comm. :)
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Username: [personal profile] glacialphoenix
Class: Black Mage
Title: Double Date
Summary: Dissidia 012/Ace Attorney crossover. Cecil, matchmaker extraordinaire, is only too keen to try his matchmaking skills on the latest two unexpected additions to the Warriors of Cosmos. Kain is easily exasperated. Snark ensues.
Characters/Pairings: Cecil, Kain, Warrior of Light, Bartz, Zidane, mentions of most of the Dissidia 012 cast. From Ace Attorney: Phoenix & Miles. Pairings: Cecil/Kain, Phoenix/Edgeworth
Word count: 3156. (Stop gaping in shock.)
Others: This was initially a meme prompt from [personal profile] kuro_pantsu. It exploded. I apologise.

Cecil gets along with everyone. )
Sunday May 5, 2013 @ 10:23 am
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This is a fic that I wrote in response to a prompt over at the FF Crack Meme that was hosted by [profile] ff_land awhile ago (writer's block, real life drama, and time constraints unfortunately kept me from finishing it until just recently though)...but, my crack-writing skills failed me and it somehow turned into a much more serious piece than I thought it would. 0_0;

The prompt was "Role Reversal: Penelo is the dreamer with the desire to be a skypirate, while Vaan finds himself pulled along for the ride." from the awesome [personal profile] soldiergossip.

I apologize for the incredibly long wait and the lack of crack in the fic, [personal profile] soldiergossip...but I hope it is an enjoyable read for you! Again, sorry that it took so long to finish!

Username: Yin (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Title: Sky Gazing
Summary: When Vaan was little, he used to love the sky...but the tragic death of his older brother changed his perspective on that topic completely. His childhood friend Penelo is still in love with the sky and dreams of becoming a true Sky Pirate, however, and Vaan has a very hard time coming to terms with their differences of opinion on the subject at first.
Characters/Pairings: Vaan, Penelo, Filo, and Reks are the main focuses of the piece...though Kytes and Migelo are also mentioned. Pairing is Vaan x Penelo.
Notes:: My first role reversal fic...I had fun writing it, though it was a bit of a challenge to complete. Hopefully it turned out okay! :)
Word count: 3,070
Rating/warnings: G. Some slight spoilers for FFXII (but only if you aren't familiar with the Reks plot-line).

…Vaan hated staring at the sky now. )
Sunday May 5, 2013 @ 9:32 am
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This was originally meant to be a Gil Request fill for [personal profile] nal_rene...but writer's block for how I wanted to tackle the piece, real life drama, and time constraints had me not able to complete the story until much, *much* later than when the request had been asked. So because of that, I'm waiving the gil fee for the this is just now a gift piece for a very patient and awesome member of the comm! :D

I'm so sorry for the wait, [personal profile] nal_rene, and I hope that you like the story! ♥

Username: Yin (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Title: Warmth
Summary: As requested by [personal profile] nal_rene, a story centered around Vanille and Sazh (either separately or the case of this story, I went in both directions! ♥). Essentially, it is four shorter pieces connected by a loose central theme into a larger story: two of them are prologue stories centered around both characters, the third is an interaction between the two during the course of the game, and the fourth is an epilogue piece from Sazh's point of view.
Characters/Pairings: Vanille, Sazh, Fang, Dajh, and Sazh's Wife are central focuses of the piece...though Hope, Snow, and Lightning are also mentioned too. The only pairing featured is Sazh x Sazh's Wife.
Notes: I hope I was able to do the characters justice, [personal profile] nal_rene! I had a really hard time coming up with the direction I wanted to go with the piece which is why it took so long to finish, and I tried experimenting with a different flow-of-thought-direction for the Sazh prequel piece than I'm normally used to writing...but hopefully the end result is something you'll like! I agree so much with you, I love both characters but there really isn't a lot of fan representation for either in fic form--so I hope this is an enjoyable read in that regard! :D
Word count: 4,619
Rating/warnings: G. Spoilers abound for FFXIII.

It’s like…it’s like it feels the same in a lot of ways, but it isn’t all at once. Does that…make sense to you? )
Sunday April 28, 2013 @ 3:49 pm
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Last one...and now I'm officially caught up with my older fics until the start of the new game! XD Thank you very much for putting up with me while I got this sorted out! ♥

Username: Yin (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Title: Chaos and Order
Summary: After a rather harsh encounter, the Warrior of Light has a conversation that leads him to better understand one of his newer comrades.
Characters/Pairings: The Warrior of Light from the Dissidia: Final Fantasy games. Zafina from the Tekken series.
Notes: My second ever attempt at a crossover fic for I apologize if it is horrible or anything like that! I'd originally gotten the idea for this story in the fourth game, when Breyzy suggested that I try writing a Tekken/Dissidia multi-chapter story...that fic idea kind of fell through because I'm not too great with multi-chapter fan fics, but the one concept that really stayed in my head from that idea was having a bonding interaction between the Warrior of Light and Zafina. I was originally attempting to write this interaction out in some way for the Crossover challenge at [community profile] ultima_arena, but it kind of got a life of its own and became its own story by the time I was finished with I figured I'd post it here before I chickened out and deleted it, orz. XD Zafina is a character recently introduced into the Tekken series in the sixth game: she's an assassin with a mysterious personality, but she actually is working to prevent the whole world from falling into calamity thanks to the actions of two of the series' main she's rather interesting in regards to her thoughts and viewpoints on things. For some reason, I always just thought interactions between her and the Warrior of Light could possibly be pretty neat to write out given how differently they tend to respond to things and their differing viewpoints--which is how this story came about. Essentially, I just used the story concept of Dissidia (characters from differing worlds having to find common ground and fight together on a new battleground) as the reasoning for the two of them there's really no need to know too much of the Tekken mythos to understand the fic's plot, given how it's more focused on the FF side of things. ♥
Word count: 1,611
Rating/warnings: G.

...It was not nearly as refreshing or peaceful an experience when one was having their face slammed into the water after a well-placed low kick. )
Sunday April 28, 2013 @ 3:42 pm
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I hope that LJ lets me post this (I've been...having frustrations with the site all day, lolz). This is my Secret Santa gift for the wonderful [profile] lady_supernova. Since she mentioned Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VIII as some of her favorite games...I went with a Twilight Town-centered fic! ♥ This story also most likely falls into the prompt categories she gave of "Happily ever after" (since it ends on a happy/cute note!), and "A day in life" (since it's pretty much just about several of the Twilight Town characters going about their lives).

...I hope it isn't too bad or anything, and I really do apologize if the abundance of fluff gives someone cavities! XD

Happy Secret Santa gifting, [profile] lady_supernova! ♥

Username: Yin (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Title: Missing Hat
Summary: Vivi loses his hat, and a surprisingly large group of friends help him to find it.
Characters/Pairings: Vivi, Olette, Pence, Seifer, Fujin (Fuu), and Raijin (Rai). Hayner is also mentioned quite a bit in the fic! Basically, it's just a friendship/bonding sort of story. :)
Word count: 2,542
Rating/warnings: G. No real spoilers for KHII.

Why not? Seems like as good a time as any to call a temporary truce. …One time event only, though. )
Sunday April 28, 2013 @ 3:40 pm
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Not sure when else I'll have time to do so before October 2, so I'm posting my last three [community profile] ultima_arena entries here...just so that I have everything in one safe place! ♥

Username: Yin (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Title: End of the World
Summary: Noel and Dajh have a conversation after the events of FFXIII-2.
Characters/Pairings: Dajh and Noel. Sazh, Serah, Snow, Hope, and Dajh's mother are also mentioned. No pairings, just a bonding/comfort fic between the two central characters.
Word count: 1,000
Rating/warnings: G. Spoilers for FFXIII-2.

You know what? I feel the same. I’m scared all the time too. )


Username: Yin (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Title: Moments
Summary: Mikoto adjusts to life at Black Mage Village, as Vivi tries to come to terms with his time there ending.
Characters/Pairings: Mikoto, Vivi, Bobby Corwen, and Vivi's Children. Mentions of Zidane, Kuja, and Garland, as well as the other Genomes and Black Mages. No pairings, just a bonding/comfort story.
Word count: 974
Rating/warnings: G. Spoilers for FFIX.

...My memories will become like this, won’t they? )


Username: Yin (of [personal profile] breyzyyin)
Class: White Mage
Title: Meat and Apples
Summary: Gnash talks about one of his favorite recipes.
Characters/Pairings: Gnash. Mentions of Chelinka, Alhanalem, and Yuri.
Word count: 347
Rating/warnings: G.

...I think getting to eat it like this with friends make it taste better now. )


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